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Name:The Greatest Show OOC Community
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The Greatest Show In the 'Verse!.....


Life getting you down? Feeling stuck in the same old routine? Affronted on all sides with dour darkness and despair? Do you wish you could escape on a magical adventure, live a life of careless ease and joy, and come back to your old life as though you'd never left?

Then The Greatest Show In the 'Verse just may be for you!

The Greatest Show is a magical, inter-dimensional circus of epic proportions. Offering a relaxing life of fun and (relative) ease, all it takes to join Cirque la Joie is a wish for a break from every day life. Your character will then stumble upon or wake up in the game's setting. The Ringmaster will explain that they can stay for as long as they'd like, but are under no obligation to remain. However long a character stays with the circus, no time will pass in their own world. But they are welcome to join up with the circus in whatever capacity they'd like - there's room for everyone! Clothes, food, and lodging will all be provided. There always seems to be enough of everything. The only true rule by which all must abide is to do no harm to one another.

While the circus seems to travel, it moves at night and never seems to stop in any known or populated places. One week the tents might be set up in a forest meadow and the next high atop an enchanted mountain. Wherever it ends up, the show always draws delighted crowds and offers its members an array of exciting new wonders to behold! This is the sort of place where dreams and wishes seem as though they really can come true.

The Ringmaster has only one small warning: being a magical circus, sometimes things can get a bit unusual. Nothing dangerous, but magic is magic after all. And that last incident with the singing pants was cleared up quick enough!

So why not escape from life for a little while. Indulge those childhood dreams. Run away and join the circus today!

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